30 October 2013

Unveiling a new product joining the I Make Stuff line-up!

Aren't they pretty?   (It's the dots, I know it.  I love polka-dots)

You are looking at 4oz of lovely, soft, aloe-based lotions with delightful scents.  Not too strong though, there is nothing I dislike more than a greasy hand creme you can smell from five miles away. 

These are scented just enough to be enjoyable but not enough to be overpowering.

Scents included in the new line are-

*fresh clean shave
*cranberry apple
*Christmas candy
*spiced pumpkin
*white tea & ginger
*oatmeal & honey
*chai tea
*fruit & almond

Look for them soon at the Line Mountain High School, Mandata, Pa.  craft show (this Saturday Nov 2nd from 9-3) and at the Handmade Baby Fair in Camp Hill, Pa at OMBaby - December 7th 9-5)

Also coming soon to the Brickhouse Craft Shop in Millersburg, Pa.

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