22 August 2011

Quilt for Herbit.

Middle boy picked his fabric and requested stars for his quilt so off I go! Don't tell him, but I don't think I have enough batting to make a sandwich today! :(

19 August 2011

Finished Thumby quilt - a twist on a split rail

And here's the finished quilt out on the lines again (you get a view of the neighbors yard this time as the sun was on the opposite side when I took my photos)

 I got a bit of puckering in the center of this one when I quilted.   The Boy won't care, but truth be told, it does bother me a bit.  Made a note to attach the center more carefully with my 505 spray next time.  

Have I talked about the 505 spray yet?      Stuff. Is. Awesome!

I started out by spreading the batting down first.   Much easier tip then trying to complete a full sandwich all at once.   The batting sticks to the floor like Velcro and the top piece slides over it until you have it in position. 
Then spray, baste, or attach with pins.  I like the spray.  I'm not coordinated enough to really wrestle a whole quilt through my little maching carefully enough for anything else yet. 

Then you can trim off the excess batting, flip and attach the backing material in the same manner.

A few quilting close ups.  I worked on a diagonal across the blocks this time.   Again, the Boy is happy with it, it looks good on his bed, but personally, the fabric is a little busy for me.  I think I need a landing zone color.  A neutral or a solid scattered throughout for your eye to land on to rest from the patterns.

But that's just me.

Don't forget this spray ------>

13 August 2011

Quilt for Thumby

My oldest boy seems to always get the short end of the crafting popcicle stick when it comes to items I make for the kids.    I usually start with the baby,  because she's the smallest and creating wearable or useable items for her is faster because they are smaller to start with.   Then I move onto the middle one, Herbit, for the same small/small reasons.  

This time 'round I promised Thumby he would be next in line for a quilt.  They all really loved rolling around in the Olive quilt and each put in their requests for the one on their beds too. 

I searched some blogs and quilt images on line (do you have any idea how many quilts pop up when you do a google image search for 'quilt'?  - go ahead, check..... I'll wait........

Somewhere through all that search the oldest spotted a split rail quilt he liked.  He had a request for stripes, something about stripes for this one!  but the turning stripe blocks were interesting to both of us so here we go.....

Small pile of fabric - it is very difficult, more difficult that I originally thought it would be, to find fabrics for a boy.   Everything is vines, leaves, flowers or floral-looking.  This combo seemed to work for "boy"
colors ranging from chocolate brown, cerulean blue, citron green, yellow, and olive green.

This is a modified split rail.  Usually a split rail is 3 equal size stripes.  This is an 11" square divided into (from left to right)  6", 2 1/4", 1 1/2", 3" strips. 

Some squares started with the same fabric on the top 3" and bottom 6".....

Like this and this

Then I made a few complete mixups, each stripe a different fabric.

Putting them all together I got this.   Thought it might be a bit too busy visually, so I added stripes of green between the rows as you see on the right.   Didn't like that as much so I went back to the original. 

(to be continued as I get to sewing!......)

09 August 2011

Clothes pin horses.

My son wants to post his clothes pin horses. The directions are as follows, right from him.......

•you need 30 pins to make all 6 or you can make as many as you can.

•first you take one pin and lay it sideways

•then you take another one an connect it to that for two legs

•then take another one and connect it to the other side for the other legs.

•now take one more pin and connect it right beside one of the legs for the neck.

•the next one goes on the end for the head.

•and that's it. That's all you need to do.

(Isn't he the smartest kid ever? :)    I just love that boy!)

01 August 2011

it's finished, it's finished, oh yea, oh yea, oh yea...

All finished!  I'm just giddy!

Here's the photos - it's an explosion....
(small children cannot help but walk, roll, jump, stomp or dance over quilts spread out on the office floor - hence the wrinkles)

Way back in March I started this project as an attempt at a big quilt.  Here's a few posts from the steps along the way...
Starting the 9-patches - olive-9-patch post
a basic layout, and choosing colors - Opinions?
changing the layout a bit - top half of Olive 9-patch
another layout change and purple issues - help me obi wan
more purple issues lol - more purple
final color choices - this-is-one
top is together without a border - and-top-is-together
creating a rainbow border - border
adding final strip to border - olive-quilt-top-finished
a little quilting on a hot day - for-record-it-too-hot-to-quilt

and then todays post.   I have the steps for making the sandwich and stitching the quilting, but I want to bask in the finished-ness before thinking about all the work for just one more day! :)

she approves too 


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