10 October 2013

Some other things I've been working on.... or how I'm pretending I'm a "real artist"

Have I mentioned what I've been working on recently?  I mean, I've shown you odds and ends of craft fair things, and some house projects, but have I talked about my Graduate Art Show?

On top of mommy stuff, running a household, teaching, craft fairing, and general laundry mayhem, I've been working on preparing artworks for my Master of Arts degree in Art Education.   20 years after finishing my B.S. degree in Art Ed.

 Not that it took me that long to work on the degree, I just didn't get started until 2011 when life-as-I-knew-it changed completely.  I figured, everything else was going to be different now, might as well toss in some career development into the fray too, right?

I wrote a bit about my studio course in Papermaking two summers ago.   Here, here, here, and here, with a class recap post here.  This semester and next I'll be working with the same professor (and my graduate adviser) to complete some Graduate level artworks for a show all my own.   My first big "important" art show.

This stresses me.

I'm an artist, but I do all sorts of odds and ends things.  I paint basketballs and soccer balls for graduating seniors in my school district, I paint murals at the baseball field, I make giant checks for the PTO fundraisers.   I'm not a "real" artist.  Am I?   I am I suppose.  I just don't feel professional and authorized to have an art show.

Anyway..... here's some things I've been working on just to entertain you on this Thursday.  It's a mix up combination of paper making, fibers, sewing, and hand stitching.  

The center piece will have another 9-patch section below in a different color.

And a few close-ups....

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