30 August 2012

Drops design cardigan

This is really a lovely sweater.  There is just enough decorative detail at the waistline to make it interesting but not difficult.

Drops Design 119-34

I'm not sure how well my 3 year old would do as photographer so I'll have to post photos of the sweater actually on my person later.  :)

19 August 2012

feelin' like fall

 toasting piggie toes in the evenings

 a chill in the morning air

 time to finish up some knitting.   Maybe I'll wear this before spring this year?

18 August 2012

have an ugly sink?

I do.  At least, I did. 

I have an old house, built in 1937 but from what I can tell many home improvement activities occured in 1967 or so.  Including the stapled-in drop ceiling and make shift closet in my downstairs bath, and several uniquely placed cabinets.

This upstairs bathroom cabinet had some minor surface damage in the interior and was just plain ugly. 

So Pinterest to the rescue!! 

from this before......

add 6 stick down floor tiles and get this

Simple things make me happy.

12 August 2012

Another baby quilt!

Inspired to really get something fun accomplished just for myself, I dug around in the fabric bin for a different color combination for this baby quilt.   The parents to be are waiting for the surprise at the birth, so no pinks and blues here.   Instead I picked out some golden yellows, aqua, and peach just to see what I could come up with.

First, a little strip piecing....

then I split the top and flipped the stripe around in the other direction for an accent.

(ignore the strings!)


one more pieced accent stripe on the back and it's all ready to sandwich together.

I think I'll use the peach color for a binding to set it off.

What do you think of the color combination? 

10 August 2012

finally summer

I have finished my summer grad class requirements and received a grade.

I have just submitted my big paperwork write up for my second 'job'.

I have washed, folded, and put away all the laundry.

My house is clean.  (notice I didn't say tidy - there's some lego issues)

Summer can begin!

Wait - Oh crap, it's August.    

Fall grad class starts 20 Aug.

School starts 23-24 Aug for me.

Ok, so summer for me will be 10-20 August.    Woo.

05 August 2012

My big news (finally)

I submitted a sketch to my Wing for a Nost Art competition and my sketch was picked!

This design will be painted on the side of a military air plane!!


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