12 February 2015

Tiny Planets from the Tiny Planet app

Upload a photo and transform it into these!  Aren't they fun?   I think I may have to paint a few of these now as well.

23 September 2014

I've been gone for awhile

My apologies to any faithful followers out there.   I've been focusing on my now full-time career of teaching art so the crafting side has taken a back seat for the time being.

I'm still brewing up ideas here and there, just don't have buckets of time to work on anything for a bit.

In the mean time I hope everyone out there is happy, healthy and CREATIVE! 

Enjoy your fall!

03 March 2014

Almost a full week of my office room looking like this...

...and this...

 ...and finally at 0600 this morning I put the dust covers and hardware on the back of the last work for my show. 

All stacked up and ready for the final labeling and pricing.  Delivery on Wednesday, show opening on Thursday!  

Then I'll need a long nap and a housekeeper to find the rest of the house. 

20 February 2014

Playing around with soap

I am really starting to enjoy this soap making adventure.

Such wonderfully fragrant soaps make my kitchen smell inviting and delightful.

To see the process for making cold process soap - click here for Part One, and click here for Part Two.

10 February 2014

Working on a custom quilt

Oh I do so love color.   I love matching and pairing and grouping different colors together.  I can't ever name a favorite since I just love them all.   

What I do have trouble with (occasionally) is working in a color scheme someone else chooses for me.   This is a custom order with colors requested by the customer.  Such a difficult thing for me to stick to!  
It's coming together nicely.  One more weekend of work and it will be completed. 

04 February 2014

snowday photos for you

 Yesterday during the storm.

Sunset last night.

From my work windows this morning.

30 January 2014

Good Thursday morning to you!

    I hope everyone is safe and warm this week and enjoying the winter for what it is. It's cold. I get it. I'm getting sort of tired of it too but it is what it is, right?

     Just wanted to let you know of a quick update I'm working on today. I thought it would be nice to have a little shop open from the website for those of you interested in some of the bath & body products I've been working on. That way you can order your choice of scent and sizes directly with your PayPal account.

    You'll see a page link at the top of the screen beside our Facebook page link or you can click here as well.        --------->  I Make Stuff shop

 I'll see how this works for a bit before posted a great deal of items. I think this will be a nice addition to the ETSY shop, where I have all the big items like quilts and paintings.

23 January 2014


An unplanned trip to the flea market a few weeks ago gave me this lovely pile of little baskets....

...which I filled today with some bath and body products from my Shop....

... and will feature individually on the Facebook page in the next few days!

This basket is "Tropical Dream" and it includes a 4oz jar of pineapple mango lotion, a 3oz jar of sugar scrub in citrus, and two lip balms, papaya and margarita lime.  Since it is again a negative windchill sort of day, I thought some tropical scents would warm the spirits, if not the rest of us.


Email or message through Facebook if you are interested in this or any other basket.

13 January 2014

Puppet show puppets.

 That is some sort of zombie thing with a flame sword.   Who shoots blasts (see left side of photo) from his hands like a wizard. 

And she made a pear. 


Happy Monday!

10 January 2014

Cold process soap making - part two

Welcome back!   You will remember I am in the middle of my first batch of cold process soap, so let's see where we left off.....


After pouring into my soap mold, I put the lid on and wrapped it well in three towels for insulation.  

Then we wait for 18 to 24 hours.   Again, I am impatient by nature so as soon as I woke up after 18 hours or so, I unwrapped the loaf and here is what I have!

It looks like soap.    It smells wonderful!   Like citrus. 

Take off the wingnuts and remove an end, slide the knife along the long edge and pop out the soap.

I peeled back the wax paper and started slicing the bars apart and voila!   SOAP!

I think.   I mean, I still have to wait another month or so until it cures completely.   But it looks nice and even, it smells lovely and I cannot wait to try it out!  

So that is cold process soap.  Now, what scents to try next?.....


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