04 December 2017

2015-2016 in review

I don't get around to posting on my blog so much anymore but here are a few photos for anyone out there still tuning in.  

My dad and I made this pergola in my yard.

I worked on some needle felting and LOVE it!   

Dad and I tackled the back porch area again and created a more organized mudroom. 

There were a few quilt orders from the Etsy shop in 2015 but I've closed that down for the time being.  

I made some things for the school.    

And finally, a little poodle Westie skirt for the girl. 

Let's hope 2018 can be as creative as 2015 and 2016 were!  

04 January 2016

It was a close one....

This was two days before Christmas.

 ....and this was the day after Christmas.  

Ok.  I didn't quite make it for Christmas morning but she loves it anyway.   Shell stitch on body, zig-zag on tail section.   I think I'd like that tail a bit longer but she wasn't going to wait one more minute to crawl into it that day.   I'll have to work on that another time. 

For the boys there was this x2....

                             (pre-quilted photo)

A Minecraft grass block quilt just the right size for the living room when playing your favorite game or just snuggling on the couch.   It took them awhile to figure it out since they both managed to unwrap and unfold them upside down for some reason. 

No specific pattern for either the quilt or the mermaid's tail.  I just made them up as I went along (although I did graph out the quilt on graph paper so I could get an idea of how many of each color square I would need)

How was your Christmas?  Holiday?   Winter Break?

21 December 2015

T-minus 4 days......

December 21. 

4 days left til the big day.
3 things left to maybe hopefully get finished.
2 other things finished up yesterday in under an hour.
1 thing started at the last minute.

I'll keep you posted!

14 December 2015

Long time, no post!

Hello blog readers!

Long time between postings here but I'll get right to the making!

I happened upon a lovely quilt top (for only $25) I've got planning for a special gift for my mother.   As I was putting together the sandwich this weekend I realized it was hand pieced.   HAND pieced! For $25!!!

What a steal!

Now, in the making next are a few things.  Small quilts for gifts (hopefully)  A crochet blanket (looking iffy on finished by Christmas status) and a two requested cushions that are long over due (those are up next)

I'd love to give photo previews but I don't want to give away any surprises!

Happy Monday

12 February 2015

Tiny Planets from the Tiny Planet app

Upload a photo and transform it into these!  Aren't they fun?   I think I may have to paint a few of these now as well.

23 September 2014

I've been gone for awhile

My apologies to any faithful followers out there.   I've been focusing on my now full-time career of teaching art so the crafting side has taken a back seat for the time being.

I'm still brewing up ideas here and there, just don't have buckets of time to work on anything for a bit.

In the mean time I hope everyone out there is happy, healthy and CREATIVE! 

Enjoy your fall!

03 March 2014

Almost a full week of my office room looking like this...

...and this...

 ...and finally at 0600 this morning I put the dust covers and hardware on the back of the last work for my show. 

All stacked up and ready for the final labeling and pricing.  Delivery on Wednesday, show opening on Thursday!  

Then I'll need a long nap and a housekeeper to find the rest of the house. 


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