21 January 2013

bird sketch part 2

Sketching up a mini-storm the last month or so, enamored completely by the colorful little birdies I've seen in photos. 

This is a pencil sketch with watercolor and colored pencil.  Approx 10" x 7"

Trying to bring some colors to a long January winter in Pa.

08 January 2013

A variation on a granny square with ripples - I love it!

A perfect idea for the 35+ granny squares I was gifted by my grandmother-in-law!   I can't wait to get started on this one.  

Photo credits - this was on Pinterest.  It's a flickr photo called Avance duo 2 and here's the link ----> Antara Celetna's photo on Flickr

04 January 2013

Concerts, cookies, kids, and a bonus gift

My Christmas Recap

 Terrible photo. Apologies.  I didn't want to use a flash.

 I forced them to let me take a photo before they opened anything.  Aren't they goofy? 

And a big THANK YOU! to Katy over at Mom and Her Drill and Sherry at Whitewash and Co on ETSY for my Christmas gift giveaway pendant.  I love it!

(It was one thing under my tree for me that I didn't have to wrap myself)


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