21 October 2013

It's Monday again

Well!   Good Monday morning to you today.  I am camera-less so I can't show you all I worked on and made this weekend but I can tell you it was a good one. 

The "shutdown" gave me an unexpected weekend at home so I jumped into an impromptu craft stroll that was a big success.  So much so that we're planning a spring and summer version to add to the fall one.  The wind could have been a bit more cooperative but it was a nice time at any rate.

I finished up the King size T-Shirt quilt (and a whole week and a half early!)  King size quilts are hard on the arms! 

That will be shipping out today.  Gives me a few days to add some finishing touches to my kids Halloween costumes this year.  One Sonic the Hedgehog and one Leafman (from the movie Epic) in the works. 

The girl wanted to be a horse, so I found her a costume online.  So far she has worn it 45 times.  I think she likes it.

Have a great day and see you tomorrow with a banana bread recipe that flies off the cooling rack!  It's so good!

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