12 March 2011

Fish Hat (Dead or Alive) from Knitty.com

The Dead Fish Hat from Knitty.com Fish Hat (Dead or Alive)? is just the sort of silliness I'm up for when it comes to making things for my (or any) kids.  I'm a fairly new knitter although I've been a crocheter since age 8 when Grandma taught me to make clothing for my barbies.   So I went searching for an "easy" pattern without cables or fancy stitches to start.

Boys both gave me special requests for colors and health status of their fish.  The first hat went ...heh... swimmingly.   No problems even if I was a beginning knitter.  Short rows, increases and decreases were not too difficult to figure out.  Lots of counting so some focus is necessary.  I used up a lot of scrap yarn and bits and pieces of things that were given to me or that somehow just seemed to appear in my yarn bin. 

Boy 1 requested "dead" fish.   Boy 1 is happy and wears it often, especially on silly hat day at school.

"Come here cutie, lemme see if this fits"
Boy 2 wanted hat just like Boy 1 but he wanted orange and blue instead of green and alive instead of dead.   No problem.
Cast on, start knitting, knitting, knitting, interrupted to tend to something child related, knitting, counting... hmm... interrupted to feed children something, knit.. hmmm... that doesn't seem quite right?.... interrupted to do something else.

Yeah.  Counting + busy mom + 3 kids = 

Admittedly it's cute, but it is so absolutely wrong I can't even tell you where it started to go wrong!  It's floppy and short and mismatched and the fish mouth isn't even going in the correct direction.  But Boy 2 loves it so there.  
nice jammies too huh? 



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