04 January 2016

It was a close one....

This was two days before Christmas.

 ....and this was the day after Christmas.  

Ok.  I didn't quite make it for Christmas morning but she loves it anyway.   Shell stitch on body, zig-zag on tail section.   I think I'd like that tail a bit longer but she wasn't going to wait one more minute to crawl into it that day.   I'll have to work on that another time. 

For the boys there was this x2....

                             (pre-quilted photo)

A Minecraft grass block quilt just the right size for the living room when playing your favorite game or just snuggling on the couch.   It took them awhile to figure it out since they both managed to unwrap and unfold them upside down for some reason. 

No specific pattern for either the quilt or the mermaid's tail.  I just made them up as I went along (although I did graph out the quilt on graph paper so I could get an idea of how many of each color square I would need)

How was your Christmas?  Holiday?   Winter Break?


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