15 October 2013

A Simple Roasted Chicken

There is something wonderfully magical about a simple roasted chicken that makes a perfect end to crisp fall day.  The smells of chicken, onions, and lemon from the oven leads everyone inside to warm up and look forward to a delicious dinner.

The cast of ingredients in addition to a whole chicken are onion, lemon, and some fresh herbs.


I picked a hand full of herbs from my window box to place inside the cavity of the chicken.  Some parsley, oregano, thyme, and globe basil.

I also have some chive olive oil which I used to drizzle onto the chicken and the pan to keep it from sticking.   I just picked and washed some fresh chives and placed them in the bottle along with extra virgin olive oil. 

The onion and lemons are quartered, the lemons squeezed over the chicken before stuffing them inside with the herbs.   Any extra ingredients are placed in the bottom of a shallow roasting pan.   A little oil on the top with salt and pepper.  Don't be afraid to season heavily.  It needs it.

You can also tie up the drumsticks if  you prefer.  It keeps the chicken looking a little more plump as it roasts.

Place in a preheated 400-425 degree F oven covered with some foil for about 45-50 minutes.  Remove foil for the remaining 15 minutes or until the chick is thoroughly cooked.   Use a meat thermometer to test.

Simple, easy, and delicious as it can be.

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