12 October 2013

Weekend plans have been rained out.

We received close to 5 inches of rain in the last two days so most of the local fall festivals have been cancelled.   Which worked out well for me since I came down with something stomach thing and spent most of my Friday on the couch.  

Please explain to me why there are so many food related commercials on all the channels??   Ugh, I did not enjoy that.  I did manage a piece of toast and some Sierra Mist but that was about it all day.

On tap for my long weekend without a craft show is another big t-shirt quilt push.   I finally put together a layout I'm pleased with and I'll be piecing it together this afternoon.

I'd like to do some cooking, we'll see if  I'm up to that today.  Might be a good see-what's-in-the-freezer-to-reheat day.   I'm glad I put away extra meals just for this sort of occasion.

Have a good and dry weekend everyone!

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