20 February 2014

Playing around with soap

I am really starting to enjoy this soap making adventure.

Such wonderfully fragrant soaps make my kitchen smell inviting and delightful.

To see the process for making cold process soap - click here for Part One, and click here for Part Two.

10 February 2014

Working on a custom quilt

Oh I do so love color.   I love matching and pairing and grouping different colors together.  I can't ever name a favorite since I just love them all.   

What I do have trouble with (occasionally) is working in a color scheme someone else chooses for me.   This is a custom order with colors requested by the customer.  Such a difficult thing for me to stick to!  
It's coming together nicely.  One more weekend of work and it will be completed. 

04 February 2014

snowday photos for you

 Yesterday during the storm.

Sunset last night.

From my work windows this morning.


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