22 March 2013

Some days are strange

I made a big check.

18 March 2013

St Patrick's Day Snowflakes

While the snowflakes were falling outside and 2 of 3 kids were recovering from the stomach-thing that is going around, the middle Boy and I needed a quiet project to entertain ourselves.

These snowflakes were such a big hit that Olive came out to work on them for a little bit as well.

Coffee filters and scissors are all that we needed.

I already had a warm iron so after folding the filters into halves several times, I pressed them lightly to keep them flat.  That made it much easier for the 3 year old to hold. 


 After they were cut and unfolded I pressed them with the barely warm iron again.  

The snow is very pretty (but I am so over it now).  Bring on Spring!

17 March 2013

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Since Google Reader is soon to be a thing of the past, I've been looking around at other things to help you follow along.

Here's a site people seem to enjoy.  :)

13 March 2013

baby quilts again

Working on a few baby quilt gifts this month since we have 7 new babies due in our school district and a few in my family as well!

The small sizes give me a chance to play around a bit more and try new techniques without taking up too much of my free time. 

This one was a "special request" by the dad-to-be, he asked for our school colors so maroon and gold it is. 

04 March 2013

Baby quilt in progress....

Better blog quickly and get back to work, just had word that mom is on the way to the hospital today!  


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