23 October 2011

the road runner

My oldest in really into the Looney Tunes right now (the new one, not the old one so he says)  So when he requested the road runner costume idea I first looked online for one.   Not to be found. 

I thought his would be the most challenging so it waited til last (didn't I mention this boy seems to always get his homemade thing last sometime before??)

Shirt, shorts and yellow leggings were the basics.   Add flannel/felt/batting/interfacing layers for wings like the penguin.

The hat and tail plume were going to be difficult.   
 The hat is a regular knit hat with a half-circle piece of styrofoam stuffed inside.  Each feather is poked through the knit to the styrofoam and secured with a little hot glue.  

 The beak/bill had a few pipe cleaners around the edge so it would have a little shape and it stuffed lightly with fiberfill.

The tail was formed with wire coat hangers (thank you TWOPEAS!)  stitched to the back of a round pillow form, which I super stuffed to the brim and stitched closed instead of using the zipper.  

I wrapped pipe cleaners around the wire hanger, then wrapped 2 different feather boas around them also. 

Big velcro strap to hold it tightly around his waist.   The shirt is large enough to cover the white belt. 

In running action :)


There you go - Millie, Penguin, and Road Runner!  Everyone looks pleased and can't wait til Friday!


  1. My son Jackson is 4 yrs old and is totally in love with the cartoon. He keeps begging for a road runner suit! I have tried finding one and have had no luck. Til I came across your post and creation. Is there anyway you can make one for my son..?

  2. Sylvia, I'm so glad you stopped by and I flattered by your comments about this little project! Thank you so much. Unfortunately, I am unable to make a costume for you but I think if you follow along to the little tutorials in the posts, I bet you could give it a shot yourself!



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