28 October 2013

This year's Halloween costume attempt.

This is a Leafman from the movie Epic.   

This is my attempt at Leafman armor.   Please do not tell me it looks like a ninja turtle.  We have been over that.   Although adding the embellishments to the armor made it look less shell-like and more ornate.   If I was a better whiz at my sewing machine, I would have considered stitching on the designs, instead I used a sharpie.  Don't judge me. 

 This is Sonic the Hedgehog's hair..... things.  It's not purple, it's blue. 

This is what I have as of 8:00pm last night.   Now I need to find some red sneakers and white gloves, plus rig up a mask of some sort to help hold all that head-stuff on the hood up on his little head.   Plus the leafman needs a ridiculous looking pointy helmet thing.   See above picture if you don't believe me.

Question is, can I finish by Wednesday?

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