01 November 2013

It's been a busy week

Blogger hates me today.   I've uploaded close-ups of the Leafman and Sonic at least fourteen times and every time the photo is flipped sideways.  Half of those times it's flipped in the opposite direction of itself too.  I cannot for the life of me, get it to be upright so I give.  Despite the rain and winds we managed an 8-9 house Trick or Treat night.  They loved it regardless of weather so that makes me happy.

I made some small items for the Craft fair this weekend.  A few more pendants (below) drying on the work surface.   The pieced trees (above) I hope to have framed individually for the show as well.  That is, if I have the time to work on them this evening.  As I left the house this morning I already noticed two large branches down again and the forecast is calling for 45-50 mile per hour winds.  I may be chain-sawing all night. 

Magic wands, poof those branches away for me please???

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