30 September 2012

First craft fair set up and ready to go!

28 September 2012

some oldies

As I was trying to speed up my computer, I stumbled on some painting photos I wanted to share just for fun.   Here's a few more things I've worked on....

 A bench for the Millersburg Class of 1954

assorted end of the year awards for the sports teams

some cakes 
(I worked in a deli/bakery for 14 years out of high school as a side job)

I even scrapped a little
 (although I can't remember when I found the time!)

Finally, here's some tooth fairy boxes made from Altoid containers.

26 September 2012

CREATE sign in my artroom

 Letters are MDF from Michaels craft store.   Black matboard background

 materials from left to right -
C = colored paper
R = spray paint layered over water
E = fabric scraps, ribbon, buttons, and glitter glue
A = sharpie marker circles
T = acrylic paint
E = colored paper and mosaic squares

18 September 2012

Next up - fleurette jacket

It's a dreary, rainy Tuesday.  Hot tea in my mug, a pot of spaghetti sauce is simmering on the stove.  My little Olive is playing with a few stuffed animals.   

 I've started the bodice part of this Fleurette Jacket. (Ravelry - Fleurette Jacket ) Hoping I have a finished sweater before the end of the year.  (I'm not a fast knitter and my time span spent working on it ranges from 15 minutes to 45 minutes before someone wakes in the morning)

Queensland Collection Rustic Wool DK in olive from Webs.

12 September 2012

A cross-post from my school blog

I have my classroom on another page on blogger and I know this craft is a good post for both spots.

In a few weeks it will be coat weather and due to schedule changes, my younger classes will be coming right to ART after recess.  To keep coats and scarves from becoming a jumbled pile, I thought up a coat rack to hang outside my classroom.

Using the big box of spare spools, some yarn leftovers, and 2 previously painted and distressed-naturally 2x4s from my wood pile at home,  I made this quick coat rack.

Paint is Glidden Olive Oil (thank you free quart giveaway.  I knew free paint would always come in handy for an artist!) 

3" drywall screws held the spools in place and a few more secured it to the wall.   Hot glue attached the yarn to each spool.

I think I'll go down the row with the hot glue gun and my button box to cap the screws in the center too.

11 September 2012

A few more baby quilt details

School has begun both for teaching and for learning, my grad class is in full swing now too.  Getting some home projects completed, working on my classroom blog, and keeping up with life takes a bit of time as you can imagine and understand I'm sure.

 I just passed on this gift so I'll post some more detailed photos of this cute little crib quilt. 

I quilted in various width straight lines down the length of the quilt this time.  I really like the effect.

The recipients loved it and here's to a happy, healthy delivery for them all!


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