29 October 2013

Calzones and kid-made pizzas

 You'll remember a few weeks ago I posted a new pizza recipe we tried out.  It was a big hit and here's what we made with it....

While the dough was rising I whipped up a quick ricotta cheese filling for calzones and also chopped up some various ingredients for toppings and the calzones.

The ricotta mix was 1 C ricotta cheese, salt, pepper, granulated garlic, plus one egg.

For the filling we used some salami, imported ham, smoked turkey, mushrooms, onions, spinach, and I slices tomatoes as well.   There is also shredded mozarella of course.

In a small saucepan I used some homemade tomato sauce (from my canning this summer)  and I added a secret weapon....

 I picked this up locally at a craft fair I attended.  It is amazing.  I have no clue how someone goes about smoking honey but I don't need to know.   Adding this to the sauce gave it such a nice flavor and sweetness!

Self assembly is the best part of the job.


Pizza with tomatoes.

It was a soft crust, not thin but not what I would call super thick either.   They all liked it.

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