30 December 2011


I've started this post 3 times this morning and at least 3 dozen times in my head in the last few days trying to find the right words or phrases to not only sum up an entire year, but also my wishes for the next one.

2011 was tough  inspiring  humbling  challenging, yeah probably challenging best describes it.  So many things I didn't plan on.  But isn't that just the way things are?  The minute you think you have a big grand plan God likes to remind you He is the one running the show, and your plans go out the window.

I accomplished much this year.  I taught myself to quilt.  I taught myself to run.  I taught myself when running hurts you should stop and rest.  And I taught myself to actually sit and rest when I couldn't run because I didn't listen to the former lesson.

I ran 500+ miles since last summer.

I finished 3 twin size quilts for my kids, and 5 others for babies I know all around.

I cried.   A lot more than I'll admit.

I got real stubborn and ran some more.

I found out who my true friends are, and who just want to pretend.

Hopefully I found some clarity and peace, some days I think I have, others...not so much.  That's a work in progress. 

As far as 2012 goes, I keep coming up with thing after thing to accomplish and with each one an alternate reason why it really isn't that important.   I'm terrible at resolutions.  Probably why I've never actually made them stand out in print anywhere.   My list always read like a grand TO DO list instead of a resolution list.   Lists are the only thing that keep me organized at all so I might as well stick with what I know.... here's my list....

2012 TO DO

- run a 10-miler race. 

- run a 7 minute mile, and then another one at the same time.

-ace my grad classes Spring, Summer, and Fall.

-gain more patience with my kids, to not be rushing them here or there, to really enjoy each and every moment while they are still little.

-get a perfect score on my AF PT test

-organize my house.

-finish a quilt just for me.

Mainly  I just want to face 2012 with a little more confidence, a little more peace, a lot more patience, and some resolve to roll with the punches as best I can.

No guarantees that I won't fall flat on my face a few times but I came out of 2011 knowing that's ok too.  Learning how to fall down, assess the damages, get back up and keep going is part of life.   Unfortunately it was a big part of 2011, but hopefully 2012 will be better.

Here's hoping your 2012 is the same.


29 December 2011

I Make Stuff on facebook!

I finally managed to create a business page on Facebook.

Please visit and LIKE ME.

It will make me smile.    Really.    A lot. 


28 December 2011

well, that wasn't so much fun...

....stomach bug......

--took out baby on Christmas Day,  poor thing didn't even want to open one gift :(
--got the small boy Christmas evening,
--got me Christmas night...

We spend the 26th sleeping.   Yes.   All day.   Boy at one end of couch, me at other.  Baby where ever she laid down.

It's now the 28th and I'm not really sure how that's possible, but when you sleep for 26+ hours I guess you tend to miss stuff....

Check out my new facebook page if you'd like ---->  I make stuff Facebook 

Be back with more projects in the New Year.  

Have a great one everyone!

23 December 2011

....before we all get too busy...

To all of you,  here's hoping every single one of you finds joy in your holiday celebrations, whether they be big or small. 

and to the new year, may it be happy and prosperous.

18 December 2011

Child friendly Nativity set

A few years or so ago the scrapbooking world was all about stickers.  Stickers, stickers, stickers. 

The blogger over at makeitworkmom.com had this little set made from simple wooden blocks so kids would be able to rearrange the figures without worry of breaking them.

When I made these I couldn't find the stickers anywhere, so I just drew my own from the ones I liked.

A bag of letter blocks from the antique shop to spell out my kids names on their shelf also had blocks that were just stamped with images instead of carved.  Glue a few together, paint and roughly sand edges, add my little drawings and coat with a layer or two of poly.

Kids get to play, we get to tell the story of Jesus and the birth at the manger over and over during the Holiday season. 

works for me :)

17 December 2011

Flannel Christmas Stars

I'm taken in by the flannel shirt quilts I've seen on the web.   I am in love with the idea of re-purposing something useful but worn, into something useful and cozy.  The first set of flannel quilts I made were easy, quick, and cozy so I took another trip into Goodwill looking for greens and reds this time.

purlbee.com is doing a month of mini-quilts and this lovely little star appeared on my computer screen begging me to make one. :)

Here's a stack of what I found.   Again, $3.00 each, most 2XXL size.

The purlbee idea is to cut strips, sew the strips all together, then cut them on the 45 degree angle and match them into pairs.  Then add squares on the tops and sides to form a block.   (You can get more detailed instructions on the site)  4 pairs make the star.

 4 square blocks with pairs set into them,

Here's 4 stars on my counter top work surface.

very cute and a great last minute gift idea for using up scraps from your bins too

14 December 2011

cork tile display frames for children's art

I've got 3 kids.   Which means I have 300,000 pieces of Art created by these 3 kids daily.   Since I'm an Art teacher it is my duty to hang art by all 3 kids but my fridge is getting full!  

I made up some quick cork board frames to be able to switch out pictures quickly and put them in the stairwell leading to their rooms.  

Material list - inexpensive frames
-cork tiles (size of mine is 8x8, you can get larger ones)
-utility knife
-straightedge metal ruler

Remove glass and paper insert from frame.    Cut tiles to fit.    Replace cardboard backing.
8x8 plus a little strip on this frame

I kept mine in the stained wood tones (to match the photo wall I have farther down the steps) but you could paint the frames yourself if you wanted. 

insert art and Happy children!!


28 November 2011

I Love Pinterest! - Pullover to cardigan

I love pinterest.  Really.  It's a complete addiction for a creator like me.   So many ideas.  So many ideas!!  It's an absolute creative overload.   I've picked out a few things here and there to try.   Here's another one.

 I have a few sweaters that are just too short but I can't part with them.   The red/orange one is planned for my little Olive as a cute dress, I'll cover that project at a later time.   The sweater on the right is perfectly nice, but just skims past my belly button, not really where I'd like it to be right now so I decided to try to make it into a cardigan I could wear open.  

 Simply enough, I just cut it down the center and then stitched it back up using a 1/2 inch hem.   I adjusted my machine to long stitches so it wouldn't pull the knit of the sweater.   I also used my walking presser foot. 

A few buttons from my bin to give the edge some interest.  Purely decorative. 

To keep them where I want them  I used a dab of elmer's glue, then I stitched them in place by hand

That's it.   Over a nice fitted white shirt it's just perfect. 

23 November 2011

Pinterest Jewelry boxes

I saw the most clever storage solution EVER on Pinterest for jewelry! 

This is AWESOME!

Had to make some of my own immediately.   I have a long narrow spot behind my door that would be perfect for it too.

Let's get the supplies together.
-bamboo cutlery tray - $7.99 to $11.99 each from Walmart
-package of 30 cup hooks - $2.95
-drill with small drill bit

Drill pilot holes and twist in cup hooks where you'd like them.  I also drilled holes where I would put the screws to attach it to my wall.

2 on the wall

Hmm.... think I need 2 more.... I have a lot of jewelry.  (handmade by me also)

Yup, much better -  while I was at it I also added a board with hooks for my belts, scarves, and odd sweaters I toss on when I get chilly.  

I have some really long pieces that didn't fit into the compartments so I also added a hook on each side of the outside.  

Next, I need to find some little boxes or something to go into the horizontal spots....
like here....

Easy easy easy!!!  

16 November 2011

2 quilts for 2 different bundles of joy


I have 2 people close to me expecting little ones so I wanted to make them quilts.  One for a girl in pinks, and one for a "surprise" in yellow.

I found a tutorial for this lone star and it seemed easier than I originally thought.   Well, it was and it wasn't.   LOL

Piecing and making the star sections = easy.

Getting the star sewn together precisely = not easy.
 (and just noticed the exploding clothes pin bucket, nice)

This is with two little seams I had to go back and stitch together by hand.  I quilted around the star and in smaller stars every 3 rows or so til I got to the center.   Then did the triangles and squares in rows.  Also had a pieced backing that I don't think I have a photo of.    Oh Lori??? - I put in my request for a photo of the bambina with the quilt please.  :)
The yellow one is just a real simple patchwork, with a 4 block every now and then for accent.  I didn't follow a pattern, just made it up as I went. 

Quilting this time on the diagonal, with every other pass having a double line.  

Best wishes to the parents-to-be!!  


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