03 October 2013

Backpack corral

         Ah the days of fall.  I love the crisp morning air, the gently falling leaves, the dappled sunlight streaming through the trees.   What I don't love are the piles of papers, backpacks, shoes, and books that appear on my floor as the kids ramble in from school. 

          This year I decided to head them off at the pass with a backpack command center.  One place for everything to go and one place for things to stay out of the walking path. 

Our coffee filter snowflakes are from January.  They didn't want to take them down. 

        Behind the back porch door was a lonely, unused spot but perfect for a few inches of storage.    I hung up a blackboard from an upright stand that was passed down to me from somewhere. 

       Then I pulled out a board that fit in the spot and I gave it two coats of white paint.

       A trip to the hardware store for three double hooks, which I screwed into the board before I hung it on the wall.    The blackboard and backpack board were fastened into the wall studs for strength and support.

         I decided on double hooks to hold the white canvas bags behind their backpacks.   Those have all the papers they might need later, like field trip forms or instructions for month long projects, etc.  I stenciled those in an earlier post. Quick Letter Bags.   That post also shows you last year's organization center.   Organizing: it's a work in progress.

         That painting is from my 'college days'.  It's oil on a Masonite panel and the colors fit my kitchen fairly well considering I painted it 15 years before I had a kitchen. 

Have a great day!

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