28 April 2011


breakfast for the 4 year old


18 April 2011

Now that I've passed on the gift.....

I can post about making it.  Here's a little baby quilt I made for Katie and Baby Blake (he's a cutiepie!)

 My inspiration quilt again.   Really, really love this polka-dot fabric and must have it.   

 I started mine with a fat pack of these cute bugs and frogs..... added in some fleece solid colors...
 First try.   Epic fail in piecing together.

Second attempt.   Better.

 Layout on the kitchen table to get the placement just right.

 Here's my countertop where I work.  I have to keep things up and out of reach or the little monkeys I live with want to help me.   

 pinned and stitching in the ditch

 lines marked with a Hera marker
Clover Hera Marker   

close up of the froggies Miss Olive loves so much

quilting finished
then turned the edges over twice and stitched a border.

Now, did I take a finished picture?   Nope.  Blah.  
Maybe Katie will take a picture with mr Blake on the blankie?  


11 April 2011

Small baby quilt for someone I know.

Simply Charming Quilt 
found this simple quilt pattern online so I think I'm going to attempt it in blues for "someone" I know....  not naming names til I pass it on....

Up next.......

09 April 2011

And the top is together!

Ah HA!   Finally right? 
I placed them all out on my kitchen table to make sure I had the whites in the pattern I wanted.  (2 different whites - polka dot and a vine one which work diagonally across the entire quilt, top to bottom)
Made 6 larger patches out of 9 smaller ones.
and here's the little Olive's bed where the quilt will live.  Just laid it out to see what it looked like. 

Happy so far!! Yes, I am.

08 April 2011

This is the one!!!

I think this is the one!  I like the flow of color from pink to purple and I think the values are balanced -
What do you think? - you like??

05 April 2011

never give up - more purple patches.

I think I can... I think I can..... I think I can........

Let's try a change in values, shall we?   Light, mid-tone, and the dark... 

quilt layout tomorrow....

01 April 2011

Dear Snow,

I didn't think it would come to this.   I really wanted to tell you in person, but it's just too hard.  
I'm breaking up with you.  I just can't do it anymore.  It's not you, honestly, you're very pretty when you cover every branch the way you do.  

You have really given it your best to try and hang on.  It's just... it's me.

please don't turn away like that, I never meant to hurt your feelings.  I'm just tired of the cold, the shoveling, the sludge on the roads.

Maybe after a little break we can try again?  Right now I just need something different - some color, some birds tweeting in the beautiful leafy tree tops, some warm, soft grass under my feet.  

I'm sorry.  


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