18 June 2012

Incidental inspiration

Where does your inspiration come from?

Don't you just love polkadots?!  I do!

I find myself being inspired mostly by color combinations.   Random combinations in my flower beds, color on clothing, or piles of toys in a basket.

Pinterest, of course.   But that tends to put my brain into overdrive at times :) (-you can check out my boards from the link to the right)

Other times it comes from news - someone getting married, or someone having a baby.  Then I find I often say "Oh congratulations!" but my brain is churning with "Oooh!  Now I can try that new quilt pattern!"

This is what I worked on this weekend.  Just some sneaks til I can get it delivered.   I like baby size projects very much!  So cute, sweet, and quick!   This pattern is called Hidden Stars from a book by Pam & Nicky Lintott - Layer Cake, Jelly Roll and Charm Quilts

I cut all the measurements in half for my project so I could get a nice small quilt. More photos to come....

11 June 2012

My quilt - red and white completed

It's finished!   A quilt just for me :)  how often does that happen??
I did not like stuffing a queen sized quilt through my little Brother machine.  I had some puckering at the top (in the photo above) but nothing would stop me from tossing this on the bed right away. :)

 I used a simple off white with dots for the backing and added a bold print for the binding.

The pattern - from Quiltmakers Cottage in Hershey, Pa.

There are 2 different reds and 2 different whites that make up the blocks.

This quilt will get a lot of use! 

Here's the previous posts on creating this one.

(piecing) progress





08 June 2012

I have performed a miracle.

Bobs on the grill. That all three monkeys ate. AND liked. Even the sneaky middle one.

Total. Mommy. Win.

07 June 2012


I'm a runner.  It took a year to finally be able to say that and truly believe it.  I may not be the fastest or be able to run the longest but I get'r done.  :)

I'm proud to say I've just become a member of Team RWB of Philly.  

Here's the link - http://www.teamrwb.com/

 "Team Red, White & Blue has a vision to transform the way America supports its wounded veterans when they exit their position. Our intent is to create a community of veterans, their families, and American citizens, bringing them together so they can spend time with one another. We believe that the American people can best support our TeamRWB veterans through authentic social interaction and shared experiences in communities all over America."

To be able to combine my love of running to support veterans is a cause near and dear to my heart.  I'll proudly wear this eagle to every race I enter and  tell anyone who asks why I do. 


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