14 October 2013

Weekend + two

A rather simple and quiet weekend around here, which is just what I enjoy the most.  How about a few highlight photos?

 I did manage a little cooking this weekend, however bland it might seem.  It was still good comfort food for us and I'll post the recipe for my Simple Roasted Chicken tomorrow for Recipe Tuesday. 

Due to my strange scheduling I still have two more days off to look forward to so I'm hoping to finish up this large quilt (just need the final quilting, it's all sandwiched and ready to go....) 

Plus I'm making a batch of Pioneer Woman's Granola Bars today.  A favorite here with the kids.  This time I'm subbing in some mini-choc chips.  Let's see how that goes.   I toasted off the oatmeal yesterday while I had the oven on for my chicken.

Happy Monday and enjoy your day.

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