31 July 2011

For the record, it's too hot to quilt.     

28 July 2011

Thursday sillies

Hardware store saleman (HSS)- "Can I help you find something?"
Me - "Yes, I need the top of a plunger.  Not the stick, just the rubber part."
HSS - "Sure they are over here."

........few minutes later.........

HSS - "Finding everything ok?"
me - "Yes.   But I have a question.  
What sort of glue would I use to stick this plunger head onto the side of a baseball batting helmet?"

HSS - .....(made this sort of face---->       o.O  

........then said ........"Why would you want to do that???"

answer is - cause I love this goof-ball and he wanted to be Larry Boy for Halloween!

 And you can't have a cucumber without a tomato. 

  Baby Herbit was Bob. 

  He was thrilled, as you can see.

27 July 2011

Finished Downy Quilt for Kids - Quilt called Blue Moon

Wow, did I really complete a quilt in less than 2 weeks??  

I like it very much, even though the colors aren't what I would have selected, and the patterns aren't my style so much.  

Hanging out on the washlines again.

quilting visible on the back fabric

and some on the front

Here's the quilt "sandwich" laid out on my office floor.  This was after quilting but before working on the edge treatment.

To do the edge, I rolled up the fabric from back to front and zig-zagged it in place.

Then I went back and folded up the edge from back to front one more time, using a fancy zig-zag to secure it.

and there you have it!  

Sending it on it's way this afternoon.  That was fun.  Let's do another!

25 July 2011

24 July 2011

A diversion - Downy Quilt for Kids

I am currently waiting patiently for a can of 505 spray to do the sandwich of Miss Olive's quilt.  Should be here some time next week. 

In the meantime, my friends on twopeas started a thread a few months ago about Downy's Quilts for Kids program ---->  www.quiltsforkids.org/     and the original thread on two peas ----> Two peas in a bucket - Quilts for Kids finished gallery

So I sent for one.  I'm new at this quilting thing but I thought I could use the basic pattern they gave and do something nice for kids in hospitals all over. 

I requested, it was delivered within the week, and here's the start.  
Kit and packaging materials

Everything comes pre-cut (which I didn't realize but of course it would) I put the 4 squares together and laid it all out on the floor.  

Some crazy fabric here - LOL

Here's the top all sewn together....

next up - quilting.......

17 July 2011

A doll quilt for Harvey

Miss Olive has a variety of stuffed animals she shuttles here and there and everywhere on a daily basis.  This week she decided she wanted to give her elephant, Harvey, a bed in the side table drawer and proceeded to pull all contents of said drawer out, one by one, to make room for the bed.  (The side tables drawers are used to hold a variety of cheap interesting toys from little gumball machines or fast food places)

Instead of the drawer bed, I brought an old toy crib (mine) down for her to use.  Poor little elephant couldn't use the huge Olive size blanket, and surely could not use her favorite blanky either.   So I made a quick one today.   No pattern, nothing fancy, just fast.  

Hodge-podge of fabrics
4" strips working around a 4"x 4" sguare. 

Quilting one presser-foot away from the ditches just to try out a new look.   White thread a few times around, then some teal for the center squares and around the outer edges.

rolled over the backing to create an edge and stitched it down with a fancy-zig-zag from my Brother machine.


Fits just right!  

(think I need to paint that crib though...... where's my pink paint??)

16 July 2011

a classic beauty

I have two sewing machines.   I picked up one from overstock.com that I use all the time, a Brother - simple to use and basic.  Just what I can handle while I"m still learning how to quilt.

  This beauty came from my kids great-grandmother.   It's in a cabinet, electric and weighs about 20 pounds when you pull it up out of the center section.  Memmy passed it on with all the original parts, accessories, and directions.  Far as I can tell it's from Sears in the 50's? (EDITED - it's from 1938)   Franklin was one of the brand names of their Singer-copies.   The first Franklin's from Sears were 1910ish but they had a foot pedal.  This is completely electric. It works very well - once I can figure out how to thread it and the bobbin!

Does anyone out there know anything else about this machine?

10 July 2011

Olive quilt top - FINISHED!

Wow, where did June go?? I missed the whole daggone thing!

Worked on the borders and corner blocks for the Olive quilt this morning - I call this top finished!

first, all cut and out on the floor

 made 5" 9-patches for corners out of the darker colors

added a second wider strip of white on the outside of my rainbow row

and a few shots out on the washlines.....




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