30 April 2012


I'm getting a whole, whopping lot of NOTHING done right now. 


I'd like to start thinking about some outdoor projects - it's currently 31 degrees out this morning.

I'd like to finish up a quilt (Red and White) or two (blue geese) but I have such a busy month, the thought of dragging it all out, just to have it sit there and be "in my way" while I'm flitting from here and there and NOT be able to really sit and work on it does not inspire me to get it out.


I did sell a painting on Etsy!   - yea

It covered the cost of repairing my lawn tractor.   Which is a good thing, really, but it still earns a blah.   A girl can dream of getting ahead a bit, can't she?

that's all

09 April 2012

Blue geese almost together

Flying geese.   Love these colors even though they do not match a single thing in my house! 

Just laid out quickly here to see what it looks like.


02 April 2012

Highlights from my weekend ---> Phillies 5K

 That's warning track stuck in them shoes right there!

 Our names scrolling on the big BIG screen...

Had a great time!


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