18 October 2013

Kitchen sign

I'd like to share a corner of my kitchen with you today.

I moved into this 1937 farmhouse about a dozen years ago.   One of the first tasks we had to complete was the big pile of wood stuffed in the space underneath the front porch.  Unfortunately, that huge stack of wood had become quite a lovely place for a rampaging heard of termites so just about everything we pulled out was rotted and destroyed. 

That also meant the wood floor of the porch received some termite damage as well.

During that repair work, we pulled off the facing boards of the porch and there were a few large pieces I was able to recover from the burn pile.  I just love old wooden planks.  I made a doorknob towel hanger for my downstairs bath with one that had the most white paint left on it.  A few thick coats of poly sealed it in place.

With another I made this sign for the blank spot above the doorway in my kitchen.

A few brushes of white paint over the rough surface and large rubber stamps gave me this sign that makes everyone giggle when they first see it.

Just under my sign and to the right of the doorway I had another blank spot so this summer I framed some of my mother's and grandmother's recipe cards.   I love their handwriting on the cards, I love that it is their favorite recipes, and I love the history behind each card.

That's just one corner of my kitchen.

I'm attending an impromptu mini-craft festival this weekend.  Many of us were rained out last weekend so when we got online to talk about it, we decided to make one of our own!  

If you are in the area for the Gratz Fair Craft Show, stop in to Millersburg as well.  

Happy Friday Y'all.  :)


  1. I love the recipe cards framed. What a wonderful idea.

    1. Thanks Stephanie! I love the handwriting on them the best of all. :)



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