04 May 2011

Door knob coat hanger (and bonus shelf)

A few dozen years ago, I went to an auction with some friends of mine.   They were looking for political memorabilia but I was just looking.   The auction came up for a tomato bushel basket filled with these doorknobs and locks with the section of the door still attached.   So I bid and I got them.  

  The first thing I made with them is this hanging shelf above my claw-foot tub in the downstairs bathroom.  I put this together in the same way as I will describe in the next few photos.  The board came off the front porch when I replaced a few damaged sections.   The paint was there.  I sealed it with 2 coats clear exterior poly to keep the paint there, and to protect the board from wet hanging towels.

First I took the door knobs apart and away from the lock sets.  They just unscrewed under the ceramic knob with a small flat head screw.

  I found a wooden dowel that fit into the base of the doorknob.  Then I drilled a hole into the wood where I wanted the knob to go. 
 Cut a short piece of dowel rod and pound it into the hole with a hammer.
Add a drop of wood glue and slip the knob onto the dowel.

Hang finished panels.  This is the corner of my back porch.  I needed a spot to hang longer coats.  

Instant coat hanger.   

Assembly time - 10 minutes.       Drying time - 2 hours.       Hanging time - 5 minutes.

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