01 January 2012

Welcome to 2012! Now, get organized!

You know, I remember high school and thinking "Wow, when it turns to the year 2000, we'll be.....like.....THIRTY years OLD!   That's so Ooooooold!!"


I totally blame Prince for all that too.  I'd probably not even thought of the year 2000 without Party like it's 1999.

At any rate,  here's a few things I'm trying to kick into gear for this year.   A little organization, a few Works In Progress finished up and a little more crafting if I can swing it! 

Let's tackle my office closet.....

I will not show you a before.   I want you to think better of me, plus I didn't want to risk life and limb to try and snap a picture of the avalanche before it took me in.

This space is 3ft by 3ft with the chimney ductwork running up the left side at the door.  It's also 104" high.

I am also in the "let's keep a tight budget" mode this year so the plan with this project is spend nothing.  (or as little as possible) 

I did buy an over the door organizer ($8.99) but I cut it in half so I could hang my step stool, which is greatly needed to reach the shelves.

Top half is a wire shelf I already had in there.   Up here I put bags of batting, large pieces of halloween costume fabric and a bag of some scraps that was given to me somewhere along the way.   Things I won't need very often at all.

<------ you'll see some wooden dowel rods here.   I transferred all my ribbon spools here.  You'll see that in the next photo.
The next level is the closet shelf that was in their originally, where the closet rod went.   That was taken out a few years ago but the shelf is now going back in.   My dad cut a piece of plywood for me to pop in there.   That's where I put some scrapbooking papers (kits actually from several years ago)  a pack of colored papers, some wood kits for the kids in a plastic bin, and the other plastic bin of kids stuff like glue, scissors, and hole punches.  (note the ribbon spools)

 This main shelf is shoulder high and has my WIP boxes and my sewing machine.   The bin in the middle is the start of a quilt for MY bed!  I'm planning a red/white one for me.  I'll use a pattern I bought at Quiltmakers Cottage in Hershey, Pa :)   ----------->

<----- this shelf is next.   The wooden drawer looking thing is a wooden drawer from my old sewing maching cabinet.  It has about a million spools of thread so there it sits.  The cardboard box has things I use when I pull out the sewing maching.   Quilting rulers, pins, scissors, and rotary cutters, etc.

<-----small shelf in the middle had a revival since this photo.  The 2 cardboard boxes have ribbon and those scrapbooking flowers from a few years ago.   I put the ribbon on a dowel rod and hung it up which you'll see in the previous photo.  Also a plastic bin of stamp pads and stamps.

<---- floor level.   Bin of quilting fabric, bin of "other" fabric - flannel shirts parts, velvet, felt.  and a bin of Thomas the Train and tracks.     The pull out organizer has art supplies for the kids - crayons, colored pencils, stickers.  I bought 2 of these clear bins for 12.95 a piece.

(basket has a project which needs a bit of a tweak at the collar)

There are a few hooks hanging inside the door frame to hang project bags and a bag of plastic bags.   ------------------------>

That's what I did the last 2 days.   I know it's not pinterest pretty but it's functional and inexpensive.   When I have some free time this summer I'll paint the walls with a can of Glidden that I got for free during their last give away (True Turquoise - just for fun) and I think I'll paint the shelves white.

(like the lego mansion?  :)

Happy first day of the year to you all!


  1. Looks great! I just did the same with an over the door organizer. Yay to a more organized 2012! ;)

  2. I don't think they sell half ones? At least I didn't find any in the 5 minutes I took to look for them :)



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