29 January 2012

Colored pencil Monogram for a teacher gift

Here's a craft my big boy and I made this spring as a gift for his teacher. 

- box of colored pencils
-small miter box and saw
-printout of large letter
-nice cardstock or watercolor paper
-frame without glass

I clamped the miter box to the drawer (isn't this the neatest drawer??  It's a cutting board drawer that pulls out from under my counter top.)

Boy chose the order of the pencils and set to work sharpening them

 Then we started cutting them into smaller pieces to fill in the W on our print out.   (He did 5, then got tired lol)

 clamping the pencil into the miter box was a great help

Filled in the W with regular elmers glue and started placing the pencil pieces

We placed our printout under the paper as a guide and used another pencil to line everything up straight.

Finally, pulled out the rub-on transfer letters and let him add her name to the bottom. 

  Cute and easy!  

I think she liked it, I still see it in her classroom :)


  1. I love it! It would be great in an art our scrap room too!

  2. My DIL is a teacher and she loves homemade gifts the best. Very nice job your DS did.




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