18 January 2012


 Drops design 119-34 sweater for me.... Looking good so far.   I've just past the decorative details around the waistline and am heading into decreases.  I am lucky if I get 3-4 rows a night completed.  Hopefully it'll be together before spring arrives :)

Quilt progress - getting there.   The pattern recommends doing all the cutting first - so I did that this weekend.   Lots of it.  Lots.
 After cutting all the strips, I had a bit of piecing to get to making blocks.

Keeping each pile numbered A-F

Then putting elements from each strip into piles for the blocks.  (does it bother you that the letters are out of order?   It bothers me.   A lot.    There.  I said it.)


There's what 10 block piles look like.   Luckily blocks 1 and 2 are solids.  Just 8 blocks worth of piecing to go :)

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