15 January 2012

button monogram letters

....Button Monograms - something to do when you're stuck indoors....

These are all over Pinterest

So I pulled out some canvas panels, a big bin of buttons, some half round plastic marbles, and some seed beads for the kids to make one for their rooms.

I drew the letters on in pencil then outlined the entire letter border in hot glue.   I wanted to have a dam to hold in the glue when I flooded the center.

 Then they each added half round plastic marbles to the glue.

Last, we had a bit of empty space and loads of glue left so I sprinkled on some seeds beads and tapped them down into place.

Now, I'm going to do a little touch up painting around the letters to coordinate a bit with the colors they used and their rooms, pop them into a simple shadowbox frame, and up on the wall they go.  

Photos of that next!


  1. Nice letter sketches and pretty letters!

  2. Fun idea to get the kids involved! (PS, popped over from two peas!)



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