05 January 2012

My super skills...

Yesterday I decided to touch up a few paintings in the morning before my first class came into my room.    I went in a little earlier than normal so I'd still be "off-the-clock" so to speak.

I got paint on my face.

That in and of itself is not unusual, I'm not a fussy painter.   Slop and glop when the area permits and all that. 

What is unusual is not one person I interacted with that day said anything.   Not one student (I had approximately 23 or 24 kids in a class with 7 classes - my math gives me 168)  not one teacher or office staff, not even the 3 custodians that were in my room. 

Even my 3 kids and my Mom didn't notice! 

But I found it when I was getting ready for bed.   Not like it was hidden either!  It was on my right cheek, in front of my ear,  a little above my jawline.  Green.

Maybe everyone was being nice and noticed but didn't want to tell me?
Maybe they noticed but knew it was me - the art person- and didn't find it unusual?
Maybe no one looked at me all day?  
Maybe I'm invisible?! (That would be awesome!)

I'll just chalk it up to occupational hazards of being creative.

Now then, tell me how I had paint on my butt too?

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