11 January 2012

too many things started....

I think it's a January thing.  Maybe it's a winter thing?  Startitis.  So many projects I'd like to work on and you think, yeah, it's winter, it's cold, I'll have time to finish things up while we're all trapped indoors this season.

At any rate, I've got the Drops Design cardigan on needles, about a dozen paintings at the last stages of completion, ( and don't even get me started on the crafting ideas I've got pinned over at pinterest! ), plus the start of this beauty in a bin in my craft closet....

I love the red and white quilt palette.  So this is the one I'll put on my own bed, since I've finished one for everyone else in my home.   The pattern is from Quiltmakers Cottage  in Hershey, Pa.  (yes, where the chocolate comes from)

They still have a few copies in their shop if you'd like to purchase one. 

What do you have going on??

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