01 August 2011

it's finished, it's finished, oh yea, oh yea, oh yea...

All finished!  I'm just giddy!

Here's the photos - it's an explosion....
(small children cannot help but walk, roll, jump, stomp or dance over quilts spread out on the office floor - hence the wrinkles)

Way back in March I started this project as an attempt at a big quilt.  Here's a few posts from the steps along the way...
Starting the 9-patches - olive-9-patch post
a basic layout, and choosing colors - Opinions?
changing the layout a bit - top half of Olive 9-patch
another layout change and purple issues - help me obi wan
more purple issues lol - more purple
final color choices - this-is-one
top is together without a border - and-top-is-together
creating a rainbow border - border
adding final strip to border - olive-quilt-top-finished
a little quilting on a hot day - for-record-it-too-hot-to-quilt

and then todays post.   I have the steps for making the sandwich and stitching the quilting, but I want to bask in the finished-ness before thinking about all the work for just one more day! :)

she approves too 

1 comment:

  1. It is so beautiful! You did a wonderful job. Congratulations. Olive looks thrilled with it!



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