19 August 2011

Finished Thumby quilt - a twist on a split rail

And here's the finished quilt out on the lines again (you get a view of the neighbors yard this time as the sun was on the opposite side when I took my photos)

 I got a bit of puckering in the center of this one when I quilted.   The Boy won't care, but truth be told, it does bother me a bit.  Made a note to attach the center more carefully with my 505 spray next time.  

Have I talked about the 505 spray yet?      Stuff. Is. Awesome!

I started out by spreading the batting down first.   Much easier tip then trying to complete a full sandwich all at once.   The batting sticks to the floor like Velcro and the top piece slides over it until you have it in position. 
Then spray, baste, or attach with pins.  I like the spray.  I'm not coordinated enough to really wrestle a whole quilt through my little maching carefully enough for anything else yet. 

Then you can trim off the excess batting, flip and attach the backing material in the same manner.

A few quilting close ups.  I worked on a diagonal across the blocks this time.   Again, the Boy is happy with it, it looks good on his bed, but personally, the fabric is a little busy for me.  I think I need a landing zone color.  A neutral or a solid scattered throughout for your eye to land on to rest from the patterns.

But that's just me.

Don't forget this spray ------>

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  1. I LOVE the colors! It looks great! Becca :)



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