09 August 2011

Clothes pin horses.

My son wants to post his clothes pin horses. The directions are as follows, right from him.......

•you need 30 pins to make all 6 or you can make as many as you can.

•first you take one pin and lay it sideways

•then you take another one an connect it to that for two legs

•then take another one and connect it to the other side for the other legs.

•now take one more pin and connect it right beside one of the legs for the neck.

•the next one goes on the end for the head.

•and that's it. That's all you need to do.

(Isn't he the smartest kid ever? :)    I just love that boy!)


  1. How cool! Thank your son for me for sharing this! :-)

  2. That was a great tutorial; I'm going to share it with my grandsons - they will love it!!

    Good job!

  3. Gonna try it, it's a rainy day and my three boys are bored. I also happen to have a bag of clothespins in the basement. Thanks, little man!



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