13 August 2011

Quilt for Thumby

My oldest boy seems to always get the short end of the crafting popcicle stick when it comes to items I make for the kids.    I usually start with the baby,  because she's the smallest and creating wearable or useable items for her is faster because they are smaller to start with.   Then I move onto the middle one, Herbit, for the same small/small reasons.  

This time 'round I promised Thumby he would be next in line for a quilt.  They all really loved rolling around in the Olive quilt and each put in their requests for the one on their beds too. 

I searched some blogs and quilt images on line (do you have any idea how many quilts pop up when you do a google image search for 'quilt'?  - go ahead, check..... I'll wait........

Somewhere through all that search the oldest spotted a split rail quilt he liked.  He had a request for stripes, something about stripes for this one!  but the turning stripe blocks were interesting to both of us so here we go.....

Small pile of fabric - it is very difficult, more difficult that I originally thought it would be, to find fabrics for a boy.   Everything is vines, leaves, flowers or floral-looking.  This combo seemed to work for "boy"
colors ranging from chocolate brown, cerulean blue, citron green, yellow, and olive green.

This is a modified split rail.  Usually a split rail is 3 equal size stripes.  This is an 11" square divided into (from left to right)  6", 2 1/4", 1 1/2", 3" strips. 

Some squares started with the same fabric on the top 3" and bottom 6".....

Like this and this

Then I made a few complete mixups, each stripe a different fabric.

Putting them all together I got this.   Thought it might be a bit too busy visually, so I added stripes of green between the rows as you see on the right.   Didn't like that as much so I went back to the original. 

(to be continued as I get to sewing!......)

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