21 March 2011

in the meantime.....

While you're oh so patiently waiting for the next row of dark purple 9 patch blocks for the Olive quilt, I thought I'd toss in a few throw pillows just for funzies.

When I recently repainted my office/playroom/dining room space, I wanted to do something to the mis-match of pillows I had just laying around.  
 Here's the pillows.  

 and a few fabrics I picked.   1 yard of each color.

Not real scientific with the measurements.  Just laid the pillow on the fabric and marked how wide it needed to be.   I cut the fabric in one long strip and folded it in half (right side in) 

stitched up 2 sides and half of the 3rd side so I could turn it right side out and stuff the pillow inside.

Then I pinched the last part together and stitched it together by hand, making sure to have the edges turned in.

Her baby doll had a nice nappy on the pillow too.

Lather, rinse and repeat 3 more times and here's the pillows.

Now, off to work on some squares and a dust ruffle for the same bed...... 


  1. Good choice - the moss green. You might want to add a cover to the sofa below too - another cool project.
    Sorry if I am being overly frank but the sofa color spoils the pillows.

  2. Ah, in that photo is does look like a slightly different shade, but it does actually match one of the squares in the carpet where this green shade came from as well.

    That's a storage bench/footstool from another chair I have. Can I ask, how would you make a cover for something with an open hinged top?



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