01 March 2011

granny square shawl for a pip-squeak I know

 This is a cute little shawl I made for a little curly-haired sweetie pie I know.   I used a basic granny square pattern (like this one on purlbee  http://www.purlbee.com/granny-square-project/2007/4/12/classic-granny-square-pattern.html 

I used Berrocco Comfort in pumpkin, teaberry, buttercup and dried plum from Webs

Crochet in 3 colors with an extra row of single crochet at the end of the third color to solidify the square a bit. 

Once I had 12 squares I put them into 2 V shapes- 6 squares each, and realized it would completely dwarf her!   Easy fix, remove 2 squares.  

Now I had 2 V’s.  Whip stitched them together at the shoulders.   Found a basic scallop edge for the bottom of the entire thing. 

Now here’s the tricky part – I made up the rest….. With the orange yarn I started in the V of the V, right at the top point of the center square and started double crochet from side to side.  At each side I picked up a loop from the square to anchor it to the center section (the orange)   every 3 stitches I added 2 chains to give it some decoration.  Then on the next row you work your doubles in those chain spaces.   Think of it as a builder would stack bricks to stagger the joints. 

When I got to the neckline I tried to get my small helper (who was 2 at the time) to try it on so I could see what it looked like.  Not a chance mommy! he said (maybe he just ran away instead of actually saying that)  Never fear!  Big Bird to the rescue!

I used a few rows of single crochet at the neckline and left it split from the shoulder seams along the entire neckline to make it easy to pull on and added a cute little button so it wouldn’t fall down.

Cute, fits from 6 months to (hopefully) 4 years - I call this one successful.

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  1. This has now been passed on to Bridget! I love it!



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