07 March 2011


Somewhere along the way I realized that, in order for me to be a completely sane person I needed to be creative.  I don't know where this inspiring nugget came from, or even when, I just know that one day I was more miserable than a barrel full of wet cats and it occurred to me, "Hey doofus, you haven't done a single thing creative (re: just for you) in weeks!  Maybe that's why you're cranky?" 

So I painted something. 

Then I was better.  Ok, maybe it wasn't quite that simple but it sure was close.  And to tell you the truth?  When I'm feeling down or sad or uneasy and need to work out something in my head - I either paint or I run.  With 3 kids I don't get to run as often as I might need to somedays so 'making stuff' is what I do. 

I think there is something inside a 'creative' person's brain that keeps the ideas flowing, sort of the way a beaver's teeth just grow and grow and grow.  If it doesn't gnaw down the chompers, it dies.  If I don't create, even if it's something simple with the kids, then I go crazy.  (all work and no play make Homer go something, something)

Although I will admit, I could just be goofy in general.  Not like that thought ever crossed my mind before.

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