27 March 2011

attempting a dust ruffle

 I've got this little cutie pie you see.   Her brothers both have captain's beds with drawers under the mattress area.   But this little sweetie has a bed from her Aunt Lauren, a pencil post frame with lots and lots of under the bed storage area.  10" of storage area to be exact.   I decided that she needed a dust ruffle but I could not find one at my local store.  Ok, so how difficult could it be to make one?  I've been playing around with the sewing machine a bit, think I'm fairly capable of sewing a straight line without getting my fingers caught, what the heck, let's try it.  Looked all over online for a pattern but my good friends over at Two peas said - it's easy!  Just try it. 

The box spring is made with some sort of white fabric covering, almost quilted so I decided to just have the ruffle coming out under it.  

 Measured length and width.  40" wide x 75" long and a 10" high space underneath.
I started with 2 flat sheets, a white for the center section which will be hidden under the box spring, and a spring green to match the room for the ruffles. 

Instead of basting a long stitch and pulling one thread to gather the fabric I decided to pleat 1/2 " sections every 6" to make it a little less fussy (in my opinion)

Pressing a bit before attaching it to the center piece.

Right sides and pressing apart the seam (notice my little helper)

Repeat 3 times.  This is adding the end piece.

                                                              And on the bed

One last close up of the pleats.   I like it. 

calling this project = successful!   Thanks 2peas!   She likes it too!

1 comment:

  1. That was good. You could have added some more ruffles, of course if you had enough fabric.
    She definitely is a cutie pie!



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