23 November 2011

Pinterest Jewelry boxes

I saw the most clever storage solution EVER on Pinterest for jewelry! 

This is AWESOME!

Had to make some of my own immediately.   I have a long narrow spot behind my door that would be perfect for it too.

Let's get the supplies together.
-bamboo cutlery tray - $7.99 to $11.99 each from Walmart
-package of 30 cup hooks - $2.95
-drill with small drill bit

Drill pilot holes and twist in cup hooks where you'd like them.  I also drilled holes where I would put the screws to attach it to my wall.

2 on the wall

Hmm.... think I need 2 more.... I have a lot of jewelry.  (handmade by me also)

Yup, much better -  while I was at it I also added a board with hooks for my belts, scarves, and odd sweaters I toss on when I get chilly.  

I have some really long pieces that didn't fit into the compartments so I also added a hook on each side of the outside.  

Next, I need to find some little boxes or something to go into the horizontal spots....
like here....

Easy easy easy!!!  


  1. I'm just in awe that you have a drill and you're not afraid to use it! :) Very nice project!

  2. I have a drill and I'm asking for a circular saw for Christmas :)



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