17 December 2011

Flannel Christmas Stars

I'm taken in by the flannel shirt quilts I've seen on the web.   I am in love with the idea of re-purposing something useful but worn, into something useful and cozy.  The first set of flannel quilts I made were easy, quick, and cozy so I took another trip into Goodwill looking for greens and reds this time.

purlbee.com is doing a month of mini-quilts and this lovely little star appeared on my computer screen begging me to make one. :)

Here's a stack of what I found.   Again, $3.00 each, most 2XXL size.

The purlbee idea is to cut strips, sew the strips all together, then cut them on the 45 degree angle and match them into pairs.  Then add squares on the tops and sides to form a block.   (You can get more detailed instructions on the site)  4 pairs make the star.

 4 square blocks with pairs set into them,

Here's 4 stars on my counter top work surface.

very cute and a great last minute gift idea for using up scraps from your bins too

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