16 November 2011

2 quilts for 2 different bundles of joy


I have 2 people close to me expecting little ones so I wanted to make them quilts.  One for a girl in pinks, and one for a "surprise" in yellow.

I found a tutorial for this lone star and it seemed easier than I originally thought.   Well, it was and it wasn't.   LOL

Piecing and making the star sections = easy.

Getting the star sewn together precisely = not easy.
 (and just noticed the exploding clothes pin bucket, nice)

This is with two little seams I had to go back and stitch together by hand.  I quilted around the star and in smaller stars every 3 rows or so til I got to the center.   Then did the triangles and squares in rows.  Also had a pieced backing that I don't think I have a photo of.    Oh Lori??? - I put in my request for a photo of the bambina with the quilt please.  :)
The yellow one is just a real simple patchwork, with a 4 block every now and then for accent.  I didn't follow a pattern, just made it up as I went. 

Quilting this time on the diagonal, with every other pass having a double line.  

Best wishes to the parents-to-be!!  

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