18 December 2011

Child friendly Nativity set

A few years or so ago the scrapbooking world was all about stickers.  Stickers, stickers, stickers. 

The blogger over at makeitworkmom.com had this little set made from simple wooden blocks so kids would be able to rearrange the figures without worry of breaking them.

When I made these I couldn't find the stickers anywhere, so I just drew my own from the ones I liked.

A bag of letter blocks from the antique shop to spell out my kids names on their shelf also had blocks that were just stamped with images instead of carved.  Glue a few together, paint and roughly sand edges, add my little drawings and coat with a layer or two of poly.

Kids get to play, we get to tell the story of Jesus and the birth at the manger over and over during the Holiday season. 

works for me :)

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