28 November 2011

I Love Pinterest! - Pullover to cardigan

I love pinterest.  Really.  It's a complete addiction for a creator like me.   So many ideas.  So many ideas!!  It's an absolute creative overload.   I've picked out a few things here and there to try.   Here's another one.

 I have a few sweaters that are just too short but I can't part with them.   The red/orange one is planned for my little Olive as a cute dress, I'll cover that project at a later time.   The sweater on the right is perfectly nice, but just skims past my belly button, not really where I'd like it to be right now so I decided to try to make it into a cardigan I could wear open.  

 Simply enough, I just cut it down the center and then stitched it back up using a 1/2 inch hem.   I adjusted my machine to long stitches so it wouldn't pull the knit of the sweater.   I also used my walking presser foot. 

A few buttons from my bin to give the edge some interest.  Purely decorative. 

To keep them where I want them  I used a dab of elmer's glue, then I stitched them in place by hand

That's it.   Over a nice fitted white shirt it's just perfect. 


  1. I LOVE this! I have some sweaters that could make great cardigans. Thanks for the inspiration!



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