14 December 2011

cork tile display frames for children's art

I've got 3 kids.   Which means I have 300,000 pieces of Art created by these 3 kids daily.   Since I'm an Art teacher it is my duty to hang art by all 3 kids but my fridge is getting full!  

I made up some quick cork board frames to be able to switch out pictures quickly and put them in the stairwell leading to their rooms.  

Material list - inexpensive frames
-cork tiles (size of mine is 8x8, you can get larger ones)
-utility knife
-straightedge metal ruler

Remove glass and paper insert from frame.    Cut tiles to fit.    Replace cardboard backing.
8x8 plus a little strip on this frame

I kept mine in the stained wood tones (to match the photo wall I have farther down the steps) but you could paint the frames yourself if you wanted. 

insert art and Happy children!!


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