19 November 2013

A Thanksgiving primer recipe for busy week nights.

 I did not get much crafting or creating accomplished this week but I did play my clarinet quite a bit :)    Today's plan included a bit of grad show framing, getting a few more lines quilted on my custom order t-shirt quilt, plus paperwork, laundry, and bills. 

 Don't be jealous of me.  I bet you have laundry to do too. 

 In the meantime, here is a quick weeknight meal idea for Recipe Tuesday.

Looking for a quick weeknight meal with that savory Thanksgiving flavor?  Try these ground turkey patties.  It's full of the savory sage goodness you would expect with turkey.

In a bowl with the ground turkey I've added celery, carrots, onions, a little garlic plus salt and pepper to taste along with a good couple of teaspoons of sage. 

To hold it all together I chopped up some leftover bread and added two eggs to the bowl.

Using an ice cream scoop for even sizes, I browned them on the stove with just a little olive oil and butter.

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