28 July 2011

Thursday sillies

Hardware store saleman (HSS)- "Can I help you find something?"
Me - "Yes, I need the top of a plunger.  Not the stick, just the rubber part."
HSS - "Sure they are over here."

........few minutes later.........

HSS - "Finding everything ok?"
me - "Yes.   But I have a question.  
What sort of glue would I use to stick this plunger head onto the side of a baseball batting helmet?"

HSS - .....(made this sort of face---->       o.O  

........then said ........"Why would you want to do that???"

answer is - cause I love this goof-ball and he wanted to be Larry Boy for Halloween!

 And you can't have a cucumber without a tomato. 

  Baby Herbit was Bob. 

  He was thrilled, as you can see.


  1. OMG How cute!!! So what DID you use to glue it on the helmet?

  2. You know what? I don't remember! Feels like it was years ago but he was probably 4 in that photo so it was only a few years ago. Lol. It was a tube if glue, thick, stinky of course, but clear. Not silicone. Let's see what I can find out.



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