17 July 2011

A doll quilt for Harvey

Miss Olive has a variety of stuffed animals she shuttles here and there and everywhere on a daily basis.  This week she decided she wanted to give her elephant, Harvey, a bed in the side table drawer and proceeded to pull all contents of said drawer out, one by one, to make room for the bed.  (The side tables drawers are used to hold a variety of cheap interesting toys from little gumball machines or fast food places)

Instead of the drawer bed, I brought an old toy crib (mine) down for her to use.  Poor little elephant couldn't use the huge Olive size blanket, and surely could not use her favorite blanky either.   So I made a quick one today.   No pattern, nothing fancy, just fast.  

Hodge-podge of fabrics
4" strips working around a 4"x 4" sguare. 

Quilting one presser-foot away from the ditches just to try out a new look.   White thread a few times around, then some teal for the center squares and around the outer edges.

rolled over the backing to create an edge and stitched it down with a fancy-zig-zag from my Brother machine.


Fits just right!  

(think I need to paint that crib though...... where's my pink paint??)


  1. What a great quilt and what a keepsake it will be.

  2. I'm glad to see I'm not the only mom who has made a quilt for a stuffed animal. Sweet.



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